13W Compact Fluorescent Dulux S 2-Pin

13W Compact Fluorescent Dulux S 2-Pin
Part Number: CF13DS/835/ECO

Product Information:

A unit of electrical power. It indicates the rate at which the lamp consumes energy.
The base mechanically holds the lamp in place. It directly or indirectly conducts electricity from the circuit to the lamp.
2-pin (G23)
Shape T4
A measure of the quantity of light emitted by a lamp.
800 lm
Color Temperature
A number, measured in Kelvin, indicating the degree of "yellowness" or "blueness" of a white light source. The higher the color temperature the white, or bluer, the light will be.
Item Type Compact Fluorescent
Average Life (hrs) 10,000 hours
CRI 82
Maximum Overall Length (in) 7.10 in
The CF13DS/835/ECO Compact Fluorescent Dulux S features 13 watts, a 2-pin G23 base and a T4 shape. It has an average life of approximately 10000 hours, a color temperature of 3500 Kelvin, and an output of 800 lumens.
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