Lite Source Inc. offers a wide range of medical accessories and parts for your equipment. Whether you need hard to find parts like fuses and face shields or more common items like tonometer tip covers and specula - Lite Source has what you need!

  • Miscellaneous Diagnostic Accessories

    If you’re missing a part or attachment of your diagnostic instrument, we want to help. Contact us for those hard-to-find parts for your medical practice and equipment.

  • Bulb Removers

    Lite Source Inc. wants to make sure that your practice, office, or home can change any light bulb with ease. We offer specialized bulb removers for both CAX bulbs and various sizes of miniature bulbs.
  • Chin Rest Paper & Pins

    Replacement chin rest paper and pins attach to the slit lamp used by eye doctors during examinations. The chin rest paper and pins are used for sanitary reasons to keep the patient protected and prevent the spreading of germs.
  • Eye Chart Projector Accessories

    Eye chart projectors are a common tool in any vision care practice. Lite Source Inc. offers the best eye chart projector slides for the most reliable and efficient results. We have a variety of slides to fit most projectors.

  • Face Shields

    Face shields are necessary to protect the patient from touching the instrument and spreading unwanted germs. Once the exam is completed, the shield can be wiped off and reused.
  • Occluders

    In conjunction with an eye chart projector, occluders are a necessary tool in determining visual acuity by an eye care professional. Our occluders are either cupped or pin-holed.
  • Ophthalmic Fuses

    Ophthalmic fuses are used in multiple ophthalmic equipment including retinal camera, eye chart projector, PAM, slit lamps and other equipment. They offer electrical currents that help to regulate the instrument and protect the equipment function. Lite Source Inc. offers replacement ophthalmic fuses to ensure that your equipment is always running.
  • Tonometer Accessories

    Whether you need to protect your patients during tonometer examinations by using tip covers or require a scleral depressor or cobalt blue filter to complete the exam, we have the tonometer accessories for your eye care practice.
  • Specula

    Specula are offered in a wide variety of sizes and material to properly fit any ear. Fit specula tips to your otoscope to keep your patient safe from cross-contamination.
  • Veterinary Specula

    Lite Source Inc. offers patient care for everyone, including our furry friends. The ability to see in the ear canal is essential to every veterinary examination. With our Welch Allyn brand specula, every diagnosis is easy and efficient.