Recording & Chart Paper

Recording and Chart paper is used for recording crucial patient data. We offer thermal and impact paper for various medical machines like refractors, visual field analyzers, perimeters and more. We have paper to fit most manufacturer’s equipment.

  • Amsler Grid Paper

    The Amsler Grid is designed to test for macular degeneration as well as various other eyesight issues. The test is taken by having the patient look at the grid and determine if any of the lines look distorted.
  • Eye Imaging Paper

    When performing A-scan and B-scan tests, paper is needed to record the results of the examinations to assist the physician in diagnosing sight disorders. We supply eye imaging thermal paper to supply your biometers.
  • Field Analyzer Paper

    Visual field analyzers are used to screen and monitor certain vision conditions like glaucoma or neurological problems. The results of the examinations will be recorded on thermal paper that is specifically fit to the machine. We carry a variety of thermal paper to fit most field analyzers.
  • Keratometer Paper

    The keratometer is an instrument that diagnosis and examines a patient’s astigmatism, by determining the curvature of the cornea. Our thermal paper will provide clear readouts for your patient examinations
  • Lensmeter Paper

    A lensmeter (or lensometer) is an instrument operated by an optometrist, optician, or ophthalmologist used to verify the accurate eye prescription for a patient. It will orient the glasses to the patient and mark uncut frames. We supply lensmeter paper to record your measurements.
  • Perimeter Chart Paper

    Perimeters charts record a patient’s examination on the Goldmann perimeter. The paper offers the physician a better understanding of where the blind spot is on the patient to help make a diagnosis.
  • Refractor Paper

    The autorefractor is an ophthalmic instrument used to automatically determine refractive measurements in the eye. Results are printed on thermal recording paper to provide documentation for patient records and physician reference.
  • Tonometer Paper

    Examinations to determine intraocular pressure are often performed using a tonometer. Many non-contact tonometers have thermal paper readouts in order to document the results of the examination. We carry paper to supply your tonometers.
  • Audiometer Paper

    An audiometer is a tool that measures the patient's hearing accuracy, by transmitting tones through a pair of headphones. Audiometer thermal recording paper is used to record the test results of the patient's hearing, providing accurate and readable documentation.
  • Tympanometer Paper

    The tympanometer examines the function of the middle of the ear by creating a variation of air pressure into the ear canal. The machine prints test results on thermal recording paper to allow the practitioner to make a diagnosis as well as provide historical documentation for the patient’s file.