Hand-held Instruments

Hand-held diagnostic instruments are daily tools for every type of medical practitioner. Lite Source Inc. offers high-quality medical instruments for reliable and efficient results. Our products include ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, transilluminators, retinoscopes and more.

  • Ophthalmoscopes

    Medical professionals rely on the ophthalmoscope to view inside a patients eyes during general examinations and ophthalmic exams. This instrument can test and examine different features of the eye. Don’t forget, we also carry all the parts to complete your ophthalmoscope: handlesbulbs and batteries. 

  • Veterinary Ophthalmoscopes

    Lite Source Inc. offers instruments for every patient, including our furry friends. Veterinary ophthalmoscopes are vital for checking the eyesight of the animal, especially the older patients. Veterinary ophthalmoscopes are used for diagnosing blindness, cataracts and other eye concerns.  These heads can be paired with our bulbsbatteries and handles.

  • Otoscopes

    Whether you need to illuminate the ear canal, throat or the nasal passages, otoscopes are the medical device you need in your practice. Lite Source Inc. offers not only otoscope heads, but batteries, specula and bulbs as well.

  • Veterinary Otoscopes

    Examining the ears, throat and nasal cavaties of animals can be a difficult task. Lite Source has veterinary otoscope heads to get you the best results for your veterinary practice. Check out our bulbs, veterinary specula, handles and batteries to complete your otoscope.

  • Transilluminators

    Transilluminators, or muscle lights, are used to shine light through thin tissue for observation by a medical practitioner. Transilluminator heads must be paired with a handlebattery and bulb.

  • Veterinary Illuminators

    Veterinary illuminators and transilluminators are a useful tool to look at the areas of the patient that can’t be easily reached, including muscle tissue and sinus cavities. Don’t forget to pair your veterinary illuminator with our bulbs, handles and batteries.

  • Retinoscopes

    Retinoscopes use a light to test the refractive power of the eye and have a light that is either shaped like a streak or spot. Our retinoscope heads can be outfitted with our selection of handlesbulbs and batteries.

  • Penlights

    Nearly every medical practitioner, dentist and surgeon have a penlight handy. The size of the instrument makes it convenient and easy to use for illuminating small areas or to check pupil reflexes. We carry replacement penlight bulbs to restore life to your favorite penlights.

  • Diagnostic Handles & Chargers

    Diagnostic handles and chargers are essential to every handheld device, keeping them both powered and portable. Whether you’re looking for a Welch Allyn Rechargeable NiCd Handle or a Keeler Mini Lithium Ion Charger, Lite Source Inc. has you covered.
  • Diagnostic Sets & Cases

    We carry hand-held diagnostic sets and cases in almost any configuration. Whether you need an ophthalmoscope or otoscope - or both, Lite Source Inc. has you covered.
  • Ophthalmic Imaging Cameras

    Portable non-mydriatic ophthalmic cameras help practitioners photograph the posterior retina and anterior areas of the eye.