Ophthalmic Lenses

We offer a full line of ophthalmic lenses for your diagnostic eye examinations and surgical procedures.
  • Indirect BIO Lenses

    These lenses are designed to be used in conjunction with an ophthalmologist's or optometrist's indirect ophthalmoscope. Using aspheric surfaces in the optics, an eye doctor can view the retina, macula and optic disc during general diagnostic exams.
  • Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

    Shop from our selection of ophthalmic lenses designed to be used during a slit lamp examination. We carry 3 levels of slit lamp lenses to provide the best magnification, resolution and field of view when performing eye exams.
  • Gonio Lenses

    Gonio lenses are necessary when performing static, dynamic and indentation gonioscopy. Flanged versions provide excellent stability when performing laser treatment while the no-flange has a small corneal contact area maximized patient comfort and minimizing corneal wrinkling.