Vital Signs

Treating patients requires practitioners to check vital signs regularly. We provide top quality instruments you need like stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and thermometers to ensure the best results for the patient.

  • Blood Pressure Cuffs

    Check your patient’s blood pressure with our selection of blood pressure monitors. The cuff inflates to collapse and release the arteries to check the mechanisms of vital organs. We also carry stethoscopes for a complete exam.

  • Thermometers

    Medical practitioners need a reliable thermometer to check the patient’s temperature. Lite Source Inc. offers top brand medical thermometers from Braun and Welch Allyn for efficient and reliable results.
  • Stethoscopes

    This acoustic medical device is used for listening to the heart rhythm and lung functions of human or animal patients. Paired with the blood pressure cuff, our stethoscope is useful when measuring blood pressure.