Infection Prevention

We have the infection prevention products your office needs to protect your patients and practitioners as well as your valuable medical equipment. With infection control products such as disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, procedure masks and lots more, we can assist in keeping your medical facility clean.

  • Disposable Exam Gloves

    Lite Source Inc. offers a variety of disposable exam gloves in different materials to suit the needs of both patient and medical physician. Our exam gloves are used to protect the physician and patient from cross-contamination, and they will protect the physician from hazardous materials. We carry latex-free gloves in nitrile and vinyl. Check out some of our brands like Halyard Health, Curad and Medline.
  • Alcohol Wipes

    Alcohol prep pads are common necessities in medical offices. They can be used for tasks like disinfecting skin before injecting the patient or quick cleaning of equipment like on an ophthalmic chin rest. Lite Source Inc. offers a variety of sizes of alcohol wipes to meet your needs.
  • Delicate Task Wipes

    Delicate task wipes are the perfect solution for any medical office or lab that needs to clean delicate instruments. The delicate task wipes are made of a soft material designed to leave little lint and to prevent scratches on delicate surfaces like lenses. We offer a choice of the Kimtech Kimwipe or a low-cost alternative in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Dental Chair Headrests

    Our dental chair headrest covers offer a barrier between the patient and the chair. This provides a sanitary environment for the patient, preventing cross-contamination and unwanted micro-organisms transferring from patient to patient.
  • Dental Towels & Bibs

    Our dental bibs and towels help a hygienist or dental assistant maintain a sanitary environment during an appointment. Dental bibs and towels are designed to repel fluids from the patient during a dental procedure.
  • Dental Tray Covers

    Dental tray covers offer multiple of benefits to a dental practitioner. They help provide a sterile barrier for the tray to prevent cross-contamination. The tray material can act as a sound barrier to reduce the rattling of instruments on the metal tray. Also, the various colors make it easy for the hygienist or dentist to see the individual instruments. We have a variety of standard in sizes in a multitude of colors.
  • Dental Tray and X-ray Sleeves

    X-ray sleeves and dental tray sleeves are designed to protect your valuable equipment from germs and microorganisms that could be transmitted from patient to patient. We offer a variety of dental tray sleeves to fit any brand tray. We also carry an x-ray sleeve to prevent germs on the x-ray machine surface.
  • Facial Tissue & Paper Towels

    Paper products a daily use item in most professional offices. Lite Source Inc. carries facial tissue and multifold paper towels. Our standard facial tissue is 2-ply, made from 100% recycled paper for our earth-friendly customers and patients. The premium facial tissue is the softer and more absorbent facial tissues. We also carry multi fold paper towels for maximum absorbency in either white or natural.
  • Germicidals & Disinfectants

    Germ-free environments are critical for all medical practices where germs can be easily transmitted across surfaces. Lite Source Inc. wants to ensure a clean practice in every medical office or science lab. Our germicidal wipes and disinfectants are the perfect solution to destroy unwanted micro-organisms like influenza and MRSA, making a home, office, or medical practice sterile. We carry the top brands like PDI, Clorox and Medline’s MicroKill.
  • Hand Sanitizer

    Keep your hands free of germs in the fast paced environment of any medical or dental practice. Our medical hand sanitizers are the fast and easy solution to keeping your hands clean on-the-go with added moisturizer to prevent dry hands. Epi-Clenz products contain ethyl alcohol for best results in sanitation.
  • Hand Soap

    This medical hand soap offers a gentle, hypoallergenic, antibacterial formula for best results. It will help prevent unwanted micro-organisms, bacteria, and germs for all medical employees. This soap is quick to rinse off and easy to use.
  • Sanitizer & Soap Dispensers

    When outfitting your practice with hand soap and hand sanitizer, you need a dispenser to keep the bottles and bags professional-looking and secure. Our dispensers match to a variety of different sizes of hand soap and hand sanitizer to meet your needs.

  • Sterilization Pouches

    Sterile tools are essential in hospitals, dental and medical offices. Lite Source Inc. offers self-sealing sterilization pouches by Dynarex for your examination and surgical grade material to maintain a clean environment and ensure the patient gets the best care.
  • Procedure Masks

    When medical and dental practitioners perform procedures, they need a procedure mask that they can trust. We offer face masks from Levels 1-3, ensuring that unwanted pathogens aren’t transmitted from patient to practitioner and that the physician is comfortable.