Treatment Accessories

Medical accessories are critical for successful treatment in patient care. We offer top quality parts and disposables for reliable examinations from brands like: Medline, Dynarex, Crosstex, Welch Allyn and more!
  • Applicators, Swabs & Tongue Depressors

    cotton tipped applicators, swabs, and tongue depressors are common disposable tools in any medical practice. Whether you’re taking samples in an oral examination, mixing medications, or spreading ointment, they can be used for a variety of tasks within your medical practice.
  • Articulating Paper

    This dental diagnostic tool is best used to examine occlusions within the patient’s bite. It will mark the point where the teeth meet contact during biting or grinding. Articulating paper is a thin, non-adhesive covered in fluorescent ink or dye.
  • Cotton Sponges, Rolls, & Gauze

    Medical sponges, cotton rolls and gauze are used for dressing a wound or absorbing liquids. Offered in sterile and non-sterile, these products are woven delicately to keep the wound breathing and keep the harmful micro-organisms out.
  • Drinking Cups

    These hospital grade medical drinking cups are high quality, shatterproof, and durable. Commonly used in dental offices and medical offices, they come in a variety of colors to match any decor. Grooved for easy handling.
  • Imaging Cushions and Sensor Sleeves

    Our Crosstex sensor sleeves and imaging cushions provide comfort to the patient and an ease of use for the dental practitioner. They are easily applied to the imaging unit for protection of both the patient and the valuable equipment. Check out the user guide for instructions.

  • Prophy Paste

    Prophy paste is meant to clean teeth with efficiency and leaves the teeth polished. Crosstex prophy paste comes in fluoride and fluoride-free while maintaining maximum stain removal and minimum enamel loss. Our teeth cleaning solution is free of most common allergens including nuts, soy, milk and eggs. You can select from several different flavors including bubble gum, cinnamon, fruity, and white chocolate.
  • Specimen Collection

    Lite Source Inc. has both specimen cups and biohazard zip-closure specimen bags for hospitals and medical practices. We carry both sterile and non-sterile to suit any needs.