Haag-Streit 6V Slit Lamp Bulb - Equivalent

Haag-Streit 6V Slit Lamp Bulb - Equivalent
Part Number: 366
Quantity Per unit price
1 To 9 $16.50 ea
10 To 24 $15.00 ea
25 and above $14.00 ea

Product Information:

Equipment Models BA-904, BM-900, BP-900, BQ-900, BX-900, Model 900 (Non-Halogen)
Equipment Manufacturer Haag-Streit
Instrument Type Slit Lamp
Volts 6V
The base mechanically holds the lamp in place. It directly or indirectly conducts electricity from the circuit to the lamp.
European (E14) with Special Flange (P44s)
Shape S11
A measure of the quantity of light emitted by a lamp.
360 lm
Unit expressing the rate of flow of electric current.
Item Type Incandescent
Average Life (hrs) 100 hours
Finish Clear
Filament C-6
Maximum Overall Length (in) 2.52 in

The 366 6V Slit Lamp bulb- equivalent is used in the Haag-Streit Models BA-904, BM-900, BP-900, BQ-900, BX-900, and Model 900 (Non-Halogen).

The BA-904 is designed by Haag-Streit to allow handheld examinations, as well as, regular examinations, with a 45-minute battery lifespan. It comes standard with a magnification of 10x to 16x, along with a dioptic range of -8 to 8.

The BM-900 is Haag-Streit's best-selling Slit-Lamp. Used by over 50,000 ophthalmologists, optometrists and eye care specialists globally. It comes standard with a 10x to 16x magnification, with a slit between 0-8mm. width and 1-8mm in slit length.

The Haag-Streit BP-900 comes standard with a slit between 0-14mm in width and 1-14mm length and magnification of 10 x to 25x. In package options include background illumination, contrast enhancing features, and IM 600 imaging.

The BQ-900 by Haag-Streit has a standard zoom of 6.3x to 40x magnification, with a slit between 0-14mm in width, and 1-14mm length. It allows the extra purchase of IM 900 or IM 600 imaging systems. For microscope options, it offers a 45-degree angle, an inclined eyepiece and a contrast enhancing feature; along with optional background illumination.

The BX-900 is the most advanced slit lamp by Haag-Streit; it offers features that the other slit lamps do not. Standard with a 0-8 mm. slit lamp width, and 1-8mm slit lamp length. It includes background illumination, an SLR camera connector and an integrated flash. Compared to the BQ-900, it also offers a zoom range between 6.3x to 40x; allowing the options of an inclined eyepiece and contrast enhancing filter.

What's the difference between the 900-930, 366, and 900-930-EQ?
The 900-930 bulb is the original Haag-Streit bulb that is marketed and sold specifically for Haag-Streit slit lamps. The filament is taller than the 366. The 366, on the other hand, is a more economical choice.
The 900-930-EQ is the most similar to the Haag-Streit original bulb, 900-930; however, the 900-930-EQ is more economical.


About Haag-Streit:

Haag-Streit started in 1859 in Switzerland and has been creating innovative medical equipment ever since. Haag-Streit manufactures equipment and sells their brand across the world, setting the standard for medical devices everywhere. They have created brand loyal customers and satisfied medical professionals.


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