Office Light Bulbs

Good lighting is essential in any professional workplace. It provides a good impression to your customers, plus there can be financial and health benefits. Whatever your need, we have the replacement light bulb for you!

  • LED

    LED replacement lamps are the latest in energy efficient alternatives for your office or home lighting needs. These lamps offer a longer life, cooler illumination and energy savings. Lite Source Inc. offers a variety of replacement LED bulbs including decorative, A Shaped, PAR Shaped, and more.

  • Halogen

    We offer a wide variety of halogen bulbs including MR shaped, T shaped, double ended, 2-pin and more. Whether you need a halogen replacement for your home, landscape or office, Lite Source Inc. is the place!

  • Incandescent

    We carry all types of incandescent light bulbs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you need a decorative chandelier lamp or a flood bulb for your display lighting, Lite Source has the incandescent bulb for you!

  • Compact Fluorescent

    Compact fluorescent bulbs are designed to be energy efficient replacements for your home or office. These bulbs come in all shapes, sizes and color temperatures to fit your needs. We offer top quality brands, including: Osram, GE lighting, Eiko, Philips, and more!
  • Fluorescent

    Lite Source offers a wide variety of fluorescent bulbs including circular, straight and U-shaped. We specialize in hard-to-find fluorescent bulbs in a variety of color temperatures and sizes.

  • Miniature & Sealed Beam

    Do you need a hard-to-find flashlight bulb, miniature train light, indicator lamp, automotive headlamp or a light panel bulb? We have a huge variety of miniature and sealed beam replacement bulbs by Osram, GE Lighting, Philips, Eiko, and other manufacturers.

  • Projector/STTV/ANSI

    Stage and studio bulbs are designed within certain specifications to function flawlessly no matter the manufacturer. These bulbs are used in entertainment lighting but also in medical applications.

    The ANSI Code was developed by American National Standard Institute to describe the wattage, voltage, bulb shape, lamp base, light output and color temperature.

  • High Intensity Discharge

    We offer a wide assortment of HID lamps. These lamps can be found in medical applications but are also commonly seen in street, gymnasium and parking lot lighting fixtures. We carry sodium, metal halide, as well as mercury and xenon short arc lamps.

  • Fuses

    Lite Source Inc. offers fast-acting and time delay ceramic and glass fuses. Our fuses keep your equipment functioning at its optimal level.

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