We offer a wide variety of halogen bulbs including MR shaped, T shaped, double ended, 2-pin and more. Whether you need a halogen replacement for your home, landscape or office, Lite Source Inc. is the place!

  • PAR Shaped

    Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) light bulbs are commonly used in office display lighting and are found in outdoor flood lighting in homes or offices. PAR lamps come in a variety of diameters from 2 inches to 8 inches diameter. The diameter of the lamp will be indicated by the number after PAR in the part number. These numbers represent eighths of inches. For instance, a PAR16 is 16/8 inches or 2 inches in diameter. In addition to diameter options, the bulbs come in different beam spreads or beam widths that will determine how the light appears on the object you are illuminating. The more narrow of an angle, the light will appear more narrow or focused. A wider beam spread will disperse the light further, creating a larger but less focused illumination.
  • MR Shaped

    Halogen MR bulbs, or multifaceted reflector bulbs, are characterized by a reflector housing surrounding the light source that provides the beam width control. They can be described as looking like an old-fashioned satellite dish. MR lamps are frequently used in display lighting, desk lamps and a variety of medical equipment applications. These lamps come with different base types, diameters, color temperatures and beam spreads. LED replacements are also becoming available.

  • Aluminized Reflector

    Lite Source Inc. offers aluminum reflector light bulbs, also known as ALR or AR, for any home or professional space. These bulbs offer precise lighting in order to get high contrast and low glare. These lamps are best used in applications when the light quality is absolutely necessary such as retail, museums, and architectural lighting.
  • T Shaped & J Type

    T shaped or tubular halogen light bulbs are the most common shape for a halogen bulb even though they may not appear to have a perfectly cylindrical shape. These light bulbs are commonly found to have 2 pin bases in a variety of pin widths and pin spacings. These bulbs may also have double-ended bases or have common bases like a medium screw base. Certain manufacturers, typically Japanese and Chinese, use a different part number standardization using the letter J. You may find a JC bulb or JDR bulb that can cross to light bulb with T in the part number.