High Intensity Discharge

We offer a wide assortment of HID lamps. These lamps can be found in medical applications but are also commonly seen in street, gymnasium and parking lot lighting fixtures. We carry sodium, metal halide, as well as mercury and xenon short arc lamps.

  • Metal Halide Lamps

    Metal halide lamps produce light by an electric arc through a mixture of mercury and halide salts. Metal Halide Lamps fall under the category of High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps due to the intense white light it produces. These lamps are used for producing high energy in places such as gymnasiums, parking lots, sports arenas and medical applications.
  • Sodium Lamps

    Sodium lamps come in high pressure and low-pressure versions. Both versions work by creating an electric arc through vaporized sodium. These lamps are often found in street lighting. Low-pressure sodium lamps, also known as SOX lamps, have a distinct yellow color. They are very efficient and powerful, and unlike LEDs, the lumen output does not decrease over time. However, the sodium inside the bulb is a hazardous material and can explode if broken. High-pressure sodium lamps were invented in order to increase the efficiency of the lamps.

  • Short Arc Lamps

    Short arc lamps are used extensively for medical, scientific and industrial lighting needs. Lite Source Inc. carries HBO lamps (mercury short arc), XBO lamps (xenon short arc) and HTI lamps (reflectorized). The luminous arc created by these lamps are very small and create an almost perfect source of light. Mercury short arc lamps are typically used in fluorescent and inspection microscopy, fiber optic light sources, optical comparator and UV curing. These type of lamps offer a high radiant power in both the UV and visible range. Xenon short arc lamps feature an extremely high light output and color temperature of about 6000K and a CRI of over 95. These xenon lamps are typically used in endoscopy, fiber optic light sources, microscopy, surgical illumination and other minimally invasive surgical procedures. HMI and HTI lamps can be found in medical fiber optics and endoscopy applications.