LED replacement lamps are the latest in energy efficient alternatives for your office or home lighting needs. These lamps offer a longer life, cooler illumination and energy savings. Lite Source Inc. offers a variety of replacement LED bulbs including decorative, A Shaped, PAR Shaped, and more.

  • A Shaped

    A shaped LEDs are replacements for standard household or office light bulbs. These are the classic bulbs that are common for general-purpose lighting. Typically they have a medium screw (or “Edison”) base and a pear-like shape, however, other bases like GU24 are also available. A series lights come in LED and incandescent.

  • Decorative

    Our decorative LEDs are able to fit in various fixtures where aesthetics are important. We have shapes ranging from globe to blunt tipped. Our candelabra LEDs are perfect for your chandeliers, lamps and more. With the LED design, these replacement lamps are energy efficient and last longer than standard light bulbs. We carry decorative lamps for your home or office in LED or incandescent.

  • R & BR Shaped

    R and BR shaped LED replacement lamps are a popular choice for indoor flood, can and recessed lighting. R bulbs (stands for “reflector) are slowly being replaced by BR (stands for “bulged reflector”). The reflecting surface makes a flood or spot beam making it the standard bulbs for most residential or commercial buildings. This bulb type is offered as incandescent or LED.

  • PAR Shaped

    PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector. These LED replacement lamps use reflective surfaces to focus the light in particular area. A variety of options are available for the beam spread. A more narrow beam the more focused the light. They are offered in many sizes and are often used in outdoor residential or commercial floodlights or spot lights. The LED PAR lamps are being used more frequently in stage lighting for the entertainment industry. These lights come in LED or halogen.

  • MR Shaped

    MR stands for “Multifaceted Reflector.” Although this bulb shape was originally designed for the projector industry, they are now used in a multitude of applications such as track lighting, recessed lighting, desk lamps, landscape and medical lighting. The halogen version of this lamp is characterized by a reflector housing surrounding the light source that provides the beam width control. However, the LED version uses the LED optics to control beam spread. A variety of color temperatures are available to achieve the desired light coloring, from a cooler hue (more blue) to a warmer hue (more yellow).