Lite Source Inc. offers replacement dental bulbs for various dental equipment including curing, handpiece, dental exam lights and more. Whether you have A-dec, Dentsply, KaVo or another brand, Lite Source has the replacement lamp you need.

  • Dental Operatory & Exam Light Bulbs

    Dental operating and exam fixtures are a standard in every dental examination room. These lights are used to shine a focus on the patient's oral cavity for better viewing. This tool requires bright and dependable illumination to function properly. Lite Source has the replacement bulb you need to assist your orthodontist, dental hygienist, assistant, or other oral care practitioners provide the best patient care possible.
  • Curing Light Bulbs

    Many older dental curing units require a light bulb to provide the energy for polymerization to cure resin based composites. We carry a variety of different dental curing lamps for your equipment.
  • Handpiece Bulbs

    Dental handpieces are tools used to prepare the tooth surface or to remove debris and amalgam. Many handpieces require a light source in order to illuminate the oral cavity as the dental practitioner works. Lite Source Inc. offers replacement bulbs for your handpiece in any dental office. The handpiece bulbs often come in a choice of Xenon or LED.
  • Imaging System & Fiber Optic Bulbs

    Dental equipment, like intraoral cameras, often require a fiber optic light source in order to function properly. These instruments are common for taking pictures of X-raying the patient’s mouth. Lite Source Inc. offers fiber optic replacement bulbs and imaging system replacement bulbs for efficient results when examining your patient.
  • Panel Light Bulbs

    Sometimes dental equipment or your exam rooms have a small light used as an indicator. When that light burns out, it can be difficult to function at your best. Lite Source has those hard-to-find panel replacement light bulbs to keep your practice running smoothly.
  • X-Ray Film & Duplicator Bulbs

    Dental X-ray duplicators use a special film and bulb to reproduce the original radiographic film to make a duplicate. Lite Source Inc. offers replacement duplicator bulbs for the best imaging results when receiving the X-ray film.
  • X-Ray View Box Bulbs

    Without a light source for the x-ray view box, the dental practitioner may have difficulty seeing all the intricate details of the image. Lite Source has the essential replacement X-ray bulbs and lamps for your dental view box.