Your medical practice depends on high-quality illumination to best serve your patients. At Lite Source Inc. we can supply replacement medical bulbs for your diagnostic equipment like otoscopes, laryngoscopes, penlights and more. We represent the best brands in the industry and can source OEM lamps and high-quality generic equivalents.

  • Transilluminator Bulbs

    Transilluminators are a specialized instrument that uses a light to shine in a specific area of the patient (usually muscles or sinuses) to diagnose any disease or infection. Some practitioners may refer to a transilluminator as a “muscle light.” The transilluminator head requires bulbs for proper illumination, and Lite Source Inc. offers replacement bulbs to ensure that your product is running properly.

  • Otoscope Bulbs

    The otoscope is used to illuminate the throat and ears of the patient. The physician gets a better view of the patient's symptom areas, offering an opportunity to better evaluate and diagnose. Lite Source Inc. offers replacement otoscope bulbs for your otoscope for continual illumination

  • Fiber Optic Illuminator Lamps

    Fiber optic light sources require a reliable and intense light to illuminate your medical equipment. Whether you need it for your surgical, procedural or dental applications, we have the replacement lamp you need.

  • Audiometer Bulbs

    Audiometers are used in general physician practices, Audiology departments and Otolaryngology offices for screening the hearing of a patient. It uses a variety of audio-tones to test the ability of the patient’s hearing in a wide range of volumes. Lite Source Inc. offers replacement indicator bulbs for the audiometer to properly function.

  • Bilirubin Bulbs

    The bilirubin lamps are used as light therapy to help cure neonatal patients from newborn jaundice. The bulb of the phototherapy device is the crucial part of the instrument as it helps to break down the bilirubin into a form where the body can then flush out. The bilirubin replacement lamp works by providing a specific wavelength to facilitate this process.
  • Dermatoscope Bulbs

    Dermatoscopes use a light and a magnification to examine skin lesions to diagnose whether they are malignant or benign. The magnification will help the dermatologist or other types of physicians to inspect the lesion closely and illuminate it to ensure a proper diagnosis. Lite Source Inc. offers replacement bulbs for your dermatoscopy.
  • ENT Illuminator Bulbs

    ENT illuminators are specialized instruments used to examine the nasal cavity and larynx of the patient. We carry replacement lamps for your nasal illuminators, tongue blade holders and laryngeal mirrors. The instruments require illumination to be able to inspect the examination area.  Lite Source Inc. offers replacement ENT Illuminator bulbs to ensure efficient and reliable diagnosis by the physician.

  • Headlight Bulbs

    Medical headlights are most commonly used during surgical procedures and within emergency rooms. However, they are also used by practitioners during office visits for minor procedures. Headlights are a convenient light source because they offer hands-free illumination. Lite Source Inc offers replacement medical headlight bulbs for proper lighting.
  • Laryngoscope Bulbs

    The laryngoscope is used to investigate the patient's throat. It can be used for general anesthesia intubation, surgical procedures on the larynx and other procedures. The laryngoscope has to illuminate the throat in order to evaluate and offer a successful procedure by the physician. Lite Source Inc. offers replacement laryngoscope bulbs of any size of blade.
  • Penlight Bulbs

    Medical penlights are carried by almost every physician for a quick exam of the patient. The light emitted can be used to check reflexes, pupil reactivity or to simply illuminated an area. Lite Source Inc. offers replacement bulbs for Heine and Welch Allyn to accompany our penlights.

  • Rigid Endoscopy Bulbs

    Rigid endoscopy instruments are used a variety of medical procedures. Often, the rigid endoscope requires a bulb for proper illumination of the examination area. We have replacement lamps for anoscopes, colposcopes, proctoscopes, sigmoidoscopes and vaginal specula.
  • Surgical & Exam Light Bulbs

    Surgical and exam bulbs are vital during surgical procedures or minor procedures. Many overhead surgical lights are becoming LED illuminated. However, Lite Source Inc. still carries many of the older replacement lamps for your operating room that continues to perform.