Lite Source Inc. is a source for those hard-to-find scientific light bulbs and lamps. Whether you need a replacement bulb for your microscope or a germicidal lamp for your laboratory equipment, we can get you what you need.

  • Microscope Bulbs

    Microscope often have a light source component in order to illuminate the subject of study. Lite Source Inc. offers replacement microscope bulbs to keep your scientific equipment functioning. We carry hard-to-find microscope replacement light bulbs in a variety of brands.
  • Laboratory Equipment Lamps

    We offer specialized laboratory replacement light bulbs for your scientific needs.
  • Germicidal

    A germicidal lamp produces ultraviolet light in short wave lengths to help kill microorganisms. These are used to sterilize workspaces, in wastewater treatment and also to clean equipment used in medical facilities and laboratories. Lite Source Inc. offers germicidal lamps to keep your facilities sterile.