Welch Allyn USB Rechargeable Power Handle [71900-USB]

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This is a Welch Allyn USB rechargeable power handle. The handle is intended to be used as a power source for all Welch Allyn standard instrument heads. The 719 series represents a new generation of handles from Welch Allyn. Taking advantage of new battery technology, the 719 series provides you
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This is a Welch Allyn USB rechargeable power handle. The handle is intended to be used as a power source for all Welch Allyn standard instrument heads. The 719 series represents a new generation of handles from Welch Allyn. Taking advantage of new battery technology, the 719 series provides you double the on-time in a smaller and lighter weight package. Smarter battery technology means that “memory” is no longer an issue. What’s more, the 719 reminds you to recharge with its low battery indicator. The soft rheostat section provides a sure grip and the overall design is ergonomically sound.

  • 120 Minutes of On-Time (compared to 60 minutes for standard NiCad handles)
  • Low-Battery Indicator
  • Weighs only 4.4oz
  • Lithium Ion Battery Technology that has no "memory" effect
  • Optional charging well adaptor allows handle to be charged in consoles
  • Fits all Welch Allyn 3.5V instrument heads
  • Made of study CYCOLOY engineering resin
  • AC charging module is easily removeable from handle
  • AC charging module has retractable AC prongs
  • Smallest diameter of any full-size 3.5V power handle
  • ETL listed to UL2601 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1 medical electrical equipment standards

The handle and charging accessory is primarily intended to be used by clinicians in professional healthcare facility environments such as general physician's offices, hospitals, specialist's offices, urgent care facilities, clinics, and clinical training sites. Do not use in environments where the intensity of EM disturbances is high, such as near HF surgical equipment or RF shielded rooms for MRI.

Cleaning & Care
Do not soak/saturate the handle assembly or charger. Do not immerse handle assembly or charger in any solution. Do not sterilize the 719 Series power handle, charging base, or charger.
  1. Wipe the handle and charger with an appropriate health care low- or intermediate-level cleaner/disinfecting wipe that incorporates either a 1:10 sodium hypochlorite (bleach) solution or isopropyl alcohol as the active disinfection ingredient.
  2. Follow wipe manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate use, contact times and applicable warnings and precautions.
This item may be returned as per our normal Return policy. Reminder that you will need to contact us to receive a Return Authorization number (RMA) before returning the product. The 719 series s Power Handle and USB Charging Accessory is guaranteed by Welch Allyn against all manufacturing defects for one year. Welch Allyn will repair or replace, free of charge, any parts of its own manufacture proven to be defective through causes other than misuse, neglect, damage in shipment, or normal wear.

Welch Allyn warrants that the Welch Allyn 71960 Battery Section will perform to original specifications during the two years from the date of manufacture, when used with the Welch Allyn 719 series Power Handle. This warranty does not apply to the use of the 71960 battery in other products. A defective battery will be replaced if it fails within two years of the date of manufacture.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I charge the Welch Allyn Power Handle 71900-USB?
  1. Remove the instrument head and insert the T-Stud on the USB charging module into the T-Slot on the battery section
  2. Rotate 90° in either direction
  3. The T-Stud will lock into place
  4. Using the Welch Allyn-supplied USB cable, connect the Micro-B end of the cable to the charging module
    • CAUTION: Use only with USB compliant power and/or data ports.
  5. Connect the USB-A end of the cable to the charging source. 
  6. Charge for 18 continuous hours to fully charge the battery
    • The charging indicator on the USB charger will blink during charging and then stay on when the battery section is fully charged
    • The battery may be charged after partial discharge without negatively affecting the overall battery memory (unlike NiCad cells)
    • Do not attempt to use or service the instrument during charging. The handle will not supply power to any instrument head while charging
  7. When charging is complete, disconnect the handle and charging accessory from the USB cable. Do not leave USB charging module plugged into a USB port without the handle attached
  8. After charging is complete, remove the USB charging module from the battery section if desired

Q: Does this device notify you when you are running out of battery?
A: Yes, the low battery indicator will illuminate several minutes before the handle shuts off, depending on the age of the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, the low battery indicator may flicker.

Q: How do I operate this device?
  1. Connect the instrument head to the handle
  2. To turn on, press the On/Off button on the rheostat section and rotate the rheostat section clockwise (CW).
  3. To intensify light, continue to rotate CW until a stop is reached.
  4. To turn off, rotate counter clockwise (CCW). The On/Off button will click when fully off. 
    • Note: Turn off fully after each use to ensure maximum on-time from battery
QHow do I remove the battery section on my Welch Allyn USB rechargeable Power Handle 71900?
A: Hold the instrument handle firmly by the battery section. Turn the rheostat section counterclockwise until it detaches from the battery section

Q: How do I replace the battery on my Welch Allyn USB rechargeable Power Handle 71900
A: Insert the rheostat section into the new battery section. To connect the two sections, turn the rheostat section clockwise until tight. Ensure that the rheostat is secure on the battery section of the instrument handle.

​Reorder No. 71900-USB
Equipment Brand Welch Allyn
Equipment Models Fits all Welch Allyn 3.5V Instrument Heads
Equipment Type Handle
Voltage 3.5V