Microkill+ Germicidal Wipes 160 count (Canister)

Microkill+ Germicidal Wipes 160 count (Canister)
Part Number: MSC351200H

Product Information:

OEM Number MSC351200H
Size 6" x 6.75"

The Micro-Kill + Germicidal Wipes are manufactured by Medline.

These wipes kill unwanted germs in up to 5 minutes, perfect for the quick turnover time in healthcare facilities. It can kill 13+ microorganisms on hard nonporous surfaces including tables, countertops and chairs. Micro-Kill + disinfects against Trichophyton Mentagrophytes, Tuberculosis, E. Coli, Hepatitis B and C, Salmonella, VRE, and HIV. Just leave the surface wet for the full effect of the sanitation solution.


About Medline:

Medline teams with researchers, engineers, and other experts to produce medical supplies of the highest caliber. They manufacture and distribute globally, offering the most-needed supplies for every health care provider.

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