No, we do not require any minimum order for purchasing.
Our system will send email confirmations for the following scenarios:

1) Order confirmations at the time the web order has been accepted by team member within our office.
Note: if you place your order after business hours, over the weekend or during a holiday, your confirmation may not arrive until the next business day.

2) Shipment confirmation at the time the label has been generated for your shipment. The tracking number and a link to track the package will appear on the PDF attachment. Tracking takes up 24 hours to update on the carriers' sites before you can view progress.

3) Invoice after the order has shipped.

If you are not receiving these emails, please make sure that you have checked your junk/spam mailbox. If you aren't seeing them, please reach out to us to make sure we have the correct email on your account and there are no typos.

If the emails are going to the wrong person, please let us know so we can make adjustments in our system to get the document to the right person. Different email address can be used for each document type and we can CC multiple personnel, if needed.
At this early stage in our new website, there inevitably will be some typos and data that needs to be cleaned up.  At the time of order, you can make adjustments to the order at checkout. Please write us a note on the order to let us know what information should be permanently changed and we will make sure it is correct for the next time you need to order.

If you need to clean up your account and are not placing an order, please contact us with all the informaiton you would like us to update.
Accounts that have previously been approved for N30 terms will have the option to select 'N30 Terms' as a payment method at checkout.
Note: When you checkout with N30 Terms, the site will say that the payment status is 'Paid'. We hope to have this issue fixed in a later update of the site. You will receive an invoice with the amount to pay.

If you don't already have terms and would like them, you will need you to fill out the credit application for credit approval. Contact us to get a copy of the application. Depending on the speed of response of your references, approval of credit applications can take up to 1 week.
Anytime we receive an order through email or fax we always send a confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation from us, please contact us to make certain that we received the order and that we have your information correct.
We ship Monday - Friday with a cut-off for same-day shipping at 3:30 pm Eastern.

If your order is on backorder, we will send you an email to let you know and give an approximate lead time for that item. Please be aware that any lead times we provide are not guarantees and we can only provide information that the manufacturers give to us. If at any time you would like to check the status of your backorder, feel free to contact us.
We ship orders via UPS and USPS. At checkout you will be given an option to pick a shipping method based on what is allowed by carrier based on weight, value and destination.
In order to have the ability to allow multiple purchasers create orders on your account: create a new login for each additional purchaser using a unique email address. Contact us to link the account to their newly created account login.

If you have a main purchasing manager that would like to control what levels of access each sub-purchaser has, that can be done. Contact us to discuss  the initial setup so your account is structured how you want it to be.